Host your own video productions and participate in others! As a Glittercast Host, you create a Production, shoot questions or other content, and invite Guests to respond, resulting in fully produced short-form videos for each Host-Guest combination that are ready to share on the popular social video platforms.

As a Host, you can choose and set up your Production by choosing one of our Themes to suit your video production goal, whether it’s Q&A or special purpose solo videos.  Q&A examples are talking head convos, survey style interviews, employee surveys, professional peer interviews, or brand-consumer engagement. Solo shoots examples are how-to’s, project updates, product endorsements, vehicle for sale, and other shoots for which you’d like consistent branding, intro, transitions and outro.

Publishing produced video content isn’t just for “creators” with the time to master video editing tools. With Glittercast, all you need is to have something to say or show. Then you or your team can shoot structured and branded short-form videos in minutes.

  • Multi-shot, Multi-participant
  • Hosts create Productions consisting of content and questions
  • Add your logo, image, colorway, fonts and more
  • Guests respond to your Hosted productions, resulting in branded videos
  • Automatic assembly of the video segments contributed by Host and Guests
  • Video commentary or VoiceOver
  • Stock music over
  • Built in invitation-submittal-approval workflow
  • Host has final approval of any video shoot made using her Productions
  • Many Themes to choose from 
  • Media Clearance sign-off 
  • Publish to YouTube Shorts, Instagram/Facebook Reels, Tiktok and more
  • Contact us for Bespoke Business Themes and corporate cloud service implementations


Workflow that saves everyone’s time.

  1. Glittercast Host sets up a branded production
  2. No need to coordinate with participants because there are no appointments
  3. Guests take the interview and submit their shoot for approval
  4. Host approves shoots for sharing 
  5. Glittercast automatically produces a polished video by assembling the video segments according to the Host’s Production.
  6. Share!


  • Internal enterprise or B2C implementations
  • We work with your digital agency
  • Custom themes for your team
  • Cloud storage on your cloud service
  • Team administration features
  • Ongoing support